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Kukummi Tailor-made Tours

Kukummi Safaris offers tailor-made tours and safaris through beautiful Southern Africa. Personalized itineraries, off the beaten track, attention to detail, small-scale lodges and guesthouses as well as affordability are some of the ingredients that we pride ourselves on.

Rediscover your ancient soul in the African wilderness - the cradle of humankind

Our oldest surviving ancestors, the southern African Bushmen, were hunter-gatherers living in close harmony with the wilderness. However, after 10,000 years of "civilization" we have lost touch with the intimate relationship we once shared with all living things in the natural world, including our fellow human beings.

Ecotourism reconnecting you with nature and humanity

The African continent hosts several of Earth's true wilderness places where one can reconnect with nature and oneself. Discover these amazing places and feel the sense of freedom it lets you experience. Travelling through Africa, whether roughing it or in style, is an adventure and it will be our privilege to organize every detail for you.

Kukummi and the legends of Africa

The southern Bushmen used the word ‘kukummi’ to describe their stories, legends, memories and history, which were passed down from generation to generation. Kukummi Safaris will take you on wonderful journeys through Southern Africa allowing you to create your own unique stories and memories to pass on in life.